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Luxury Bar Mulund

We at the Mansion Bar & Lounge are the leading luxury bar lounge in Mumbai and there are some good reasons for the same as well. We are much better than the other run of the mill lounges and clubs that you get in a city that in any case happens to be reputed for its nightlife. We start where they end. We are a new and modern contemporary bar in every sense of the word. Pretty soon you can be sure that we would be your preferred location for a hangout. You can be sure that here you would be treated to a level of luxury that you would have never experienced anywhere else.

Our location

We are located at Mulund, which has slowly become the most preferred destination in the suburbs of the capital city of Maharashtra as far as relaxation and fun are concerned. We are a new addition to this particular landscape and in the short time that we have been here, our rise has been nothing short of meteoric. We are a vibrant location and the right destination for exuberant individuals who are looking to make the most of the free time that they have. This is the reason why we are the top luxury lounge bar over here.

The space we have 

As a top luxury bar in Mulund, we have acres of space for you – 14,000 sq feet to be precise. The entire expanse is full bliss and patterns that incite nothing but leisure and relaxation in your being. You can be sure that when you are here we would transport you to a state of mind where you feel like a queen or a king. Our ambiance is that good. Our foot spread is also as flamboyant as it comes.

Great cocktails

There is one more reason why we are heralded as the best luxury cocktail bar in Mumbai by our beloved patrons. Our cocktails are way ahead of their time. The fact that they are prepared by the first-ever lady bartender in the continent only makes them even more special than what they already are. You can be sure that our offerings would excite your taste buds and take you on a gastronomic journey that you have never experienced earlier on in life. Our decoration would blow your mind as well what with our royal blue sofas and golden artifacts to go with the golden curtains.

Luxury Cocktail Bar


It is this way that we create that perfect contrast between land and water. After all, they are the root of all the great dishes and beverages that you get over here as well as in your life in general. It is such magnificent attention and even better execution that separates us from others of our ilk and makes us the best luxury bar lounge in the city, which it must be said does not suffer from a dearth of options in this particular regard. We are original and we also take a lot of care so that we can bring you only the very best and nothing else.

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