4 Popular bar and lounge Near Mumbai For A Lovely Day Out With Family

Royal Bar and Lounge

The Mansion Bar and Lounge is the leading family bar and lounge close to Mumbai and presents an ideal option in case you want to hang out with your family and other near and dear ones. It is proud of the kind of luxury that we can offer to you in this particular regard. Apart from the immense luxury on offer, the overall pleasure that you get over here is second to none. One of the greatest things about this bar cum lounge is that it is open to all – it does not discriminate between our parents. If you are looking for a place where you can come with a close one and speak to your heart’s content this is what you are looking at.

Family Bar and Lounge
                                                     Family Bar and Lounge

No need to lower your decibels

It may be the best royal bar and lounge in Mumbai and as chic as it gets for sure. However, that does not mean that you have to hide in a veil of sophistication and speak in a hushed tone. The venue reflects the bar’s principles well too. Your tour of exclusivity starts right from the time you are at the entrance. The passageway is lit in an enigmatic manner further adding to its appeal and charm as a venue for relaxation.

It’s grandeur

The grandeur of this bar cum lounge is one major reason why it is known as a leading family bar and lounge in the vicinity of the capital city of Maharashtra. This is particularly evident from the dining cum celebrations hall. The outside area is cozy as well. If you want you can always spend your time out there – just enjoy yourself as and how you wish to. The outside area comes with a raised and relaxed area for private seating. The lounge some of its live performances over there!

Enjoying the experience

As a top-class royal bar and lounge, the Mansion Bar and Lounge knows and understands the importance of comfort when it comes to a setting such as itself. The central space of the bar and lounge is, however, the place where the business goes down. After all, this is where the dance floor is located. It has standing tables where you can dance till you can do it no more. The arrangements over here are such that you need not get away from your favorite food and drinks as such. This is because the bar is located close by.


The next name that can be taken in this regard is that of Aer – Four Seasons. This family bar and lounge are located at Worli. It is said to be one of the best of its kind in the city. One reason why so many people like it are for its great sunset viewing spot. The sea-facing view over here is great as well. Gadda Da Vida at Juhu, China House Lounge at the Grand Hyatt Santacruz, and Wink – Vivanta at Cuffe Parade is the next few names in this regard.

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